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Eclipses 2007-2008

1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008 – for Australia (AEST -10)
Adjust by 1 hour during Daylight Saving period
Note the degree and zodiac sign and whether they correspond (within 3°) to planets and points in your birth chart. If so, then your birth chart will be activated.

Lunar – total …….. 28 Aug 2007 ….. 20:37 … 04°46′ Pisces
Solar – partial ….. 11 Sep 2007 ….. 22:30 … 18°24′ Virgo
Solar – appulse ….. 7 Feb 2008 ….. 13:55 … 17°45′ Aquarius
Lunar – total …….. 21 Feb 2008 ……. 3:26 … 01°52′ Virgo

An eclipse affects any planet, angle or node it comes into contact with. It may put some aspect of life into the dark while highlighting another area requiring attention. Eclipses are especially important when affecting the Ascendant, as this angle is representative of the general well being. If it falls on the Ascendant then partnerships will also be affected. The same is true of an eclipse on the Midheaven; apart from affecting career and public status, family issues will also arise. Eclipses also affect the affairs of the house they are in. Falling on a planet, they show hurt or harm regarding whatever that planet signifies. Eclipses can bring positive benefits in serving to focus on an area that may have been neglected therefore ensuring that necessary action is taken. There is more information on the eclipse page

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