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AFL Grand Final 2010 – Collingwood vs St.Kilda

Well it’s the end of the 2010 AFL football season and the Magpies reign supreme. However, they didn’t win the first contest. Indeed the game on Saturday 25 September was very uncharacteristically a draw. There have been only 3 draws in the whole history of the game. Of course the match had to be repeated the following week (2 Oct), and the 2 games were as different as chalk and cheese. Why?

Both charts (set for 2:30pm Melbourne) had Aquarius on the ascendant, making Collingwood Saturn in Libra and St.Kilda the Sun in Libra. At first glance it seemed obvious that Collingwood would win this match. But in fact the two teams came a draw. No one was more disappointed than the players but the whole stadium was relatively silent after the final siren. It was bizarre to say the least. A great close game with a very unsatisfying ending.
So if Saturn was strong in the chart, and the was Sun weak, why was the game a draw?

Looking more closely at the first chart, the Moon in Aries was Void of Course for the entire match – so nothing changed and nothing happened. The two teams stayed in the same condition they started in – neither team the victor.

In the second chart of 2 October, at 22 Cancer the Moon was in an applying trine to Jupiter, so the winning margin promised to be large… and it was – 108 to 52. Collingwood more than doubled St.Kilda’s final score. This time Saturn was indeed the victor.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Hi Nikki

    I have to say upfront that I have zero interest in football, but even I wondered why the first match ended in a draw! Maybe if the AFL administrators knew about astrology, they’d have delayed the Grand Final until the next week, or maybe instilled an extra time rule so there would always be a result?!

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