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Australia Day 2011

Botany Bay
26 January 1788
The rowboat reaches the shore and hoists the flag as the Aquarian Sun rises on the eastern horizon…

26 January 2011
People wake to the peace that descends on a Nation having a day off…

Take a moment to stop and think. This was the day England claimed land that already had “owners”. The native people mourn this day while the invaders celebrate. It is indeed bittersweet and cause for reflection…

In 2011 focus on treating each other with mutual respect and remember that we are caretakers of the planet. We’re here for a short time and Earth graciously offers us respite, resources and recreation (amongst other things) during our stay. Reciprocate the gesture by giving back – offer respite, share resources, be playful with each other, and tend the land as your own body. The recent floods remind us the mother nature really is in charge here.

This sentiment is reflected in the Solar Return chart.
– the Moon sits high on the Midheaven in Libra: an easy-going, laid-back attitude
– Mars in Aquarius on the Ascendant: being independent and detached from what’s going on around us
– Solar Return Sun in the 11th: group activities (conj Mars) eg. a military BBQ with fireworks (Aquarius)
– Jupiter/Uranus in 1st: unexpected events, exciting new possibilites, a revolutionary stance

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