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Celestial Trio Reveal Deception

The Triple Conjunction — JUPITER-CHIRON-NEPTUNE — awakens new Zeitgeist

We are under the spell of a triple conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. It comes as no real surprise to me that there continues to be GREAT deception afoot.

Neptune = fantasy, deception, dreams
Jupiter = excess, exaggeration, generosity
Chiron = teacher of heroes, healer of suffering, maverick

One person in the public eye is deceiving the people openly using a silver tongue and natural charisma. Don’t take my word for it. Watch “The Obama Deception” at OR

The future of your children and the whole human race is at stake. If every person resists this conspiracy then we can stop it in its tracks. Apathy, panic and ignorance are the reasons it has taken hold. So CARE about your future, breath and stay calm, and arm yourself and those you care about with the information they need to take positive action.

And also, if you haven’t already watched Zeitgeist then head to this site and watch:

or download the torrent files:

In fact, find someone to help you download Zeitgeist: the Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum and The Obama Deception and distribute them all – ASAP

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