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Election 2010

As of this moment we have no real election result. What we have is a hung parliament until the Independents decide which way they swing. The result should tell both parties that Australians aren’t impressed with either of them, and that they want the Greens to act as referee. That’s how I read it. We could also be called back to vote again. Troubled and changing times. The people are not happy with the government or the opposition because neither offers what we want. And if past behaviour is anything to go on, once in power they do whatever they like. Dishonesty is their policy.

So what does the astrology tell us???

The polling booths open at 8am and close at 6pm sharp. If you compare the charts of 8am and 6pm it looks like many people made up their mind at the last minute in the booth.

8am chart:
Labour = stationary Mercury in Virgo conj ASC and Liberal = Jupiter Rx 7 conj Uranus Rx.
At this point Julia looks ahead
BUT check 6pm chart:
Labour = Mars Libra 8 and Liberal = Venus Libra 8
Libs have Labour by the short and curlies
Even if you take ASC to be Labour, they are Jupiter Rx 2 (gates of Hades), and the Liberals become Mercury Virgo 7.

Looks ominous for Julia – lets see if the astrology is correct.

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