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Full Moon January 2013


A Full Moon occurs in Melbourne this Sunday afternoon 27th January at 3:39pm AEDT at 7°24′ Leo.

A Full Moon brings to fruition the intention set at the previous New Moon. It is a time of culmination, illumination, realisation, fulfillment and great emotion. All the hard work preceding it bears fruit and is infused with meaning and purpose.

The previous New Moon was in Capricorn – the intention was to focus on goals while enjoying the journey; the process rather than the destination was the goal. How were the last 14 days for you? What have you learned? Have you arrived empty handed or are you richer for the experiences? Capricorn is hard-working and never shirks responsibility. Did you pull your weight and soldier on no matter how heavy the load? Remember that something would have been lost in order for you to gain. With Capricorn there would have been a loss of control that required humility and fortitude. If you managed yourself and your time well then you would have enjoyed the ride, and now you have arrived at the destination – the Leo Full Moon.

When the Moon is in Leo we want to be noticed and feel loved and special and will throw a tantrum if this doesn’t happen. The energy is child-like and possibly childish. Full Moon in Leo is even more demonstative and demands your attention, or chooses to look down their nose at you and shun your approach.

At 7°24′ Leo, the sabian symbol reads “AN ACTIVIST IS STIRRING UP DISCONTENT BY SPREADING THEIR REVOLUTIONARY IDEALS”. Lynda Hill adds, “This Symbol speaks of having bright or burning ideas of revolution, or, at least, how life should be lived. It can show someone who feels they have to make people believe in their ideas even though, at times, they are radical, revolutionary or downright disruptive”. This is an uncomfortable place for some to find themselves in, especially if you dislike drama and unrest. You don’t have to agree with what’s happening. A different point of view challenges you to see the world differently and opens you up to other possibilities.

The Moon opposes Mercury, squares Saturn, trines Uranus and sextiles Jupiter. Emotion conflicts with reason and logicand Saturn offers harsh criticism. It’s okay to express how you feel but don’t make rash statements or leap to conclusions or you could regret it. Uranus brings in a little excitement and some surprises, and Jupiter adds congeniality. It’s bound to be an interesting day that’s quite out of the ordinary.

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