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Lunar Eclipse – 26 April 2013

eclipse260413We are at the beginning of a series of 3 eclipses, the first occurs this Friday 26th April at 5:57:06 am AEST. This is a partial lunar eclipse at 5°45′ Scorpio from the 112 Saros series. The sabian symbol is A “GOLD RUSH TEARS MEN AWAY FROM THEIR NATIVE SOIL.” This symbol shows the desire to seek out new territories, new possibilities, new shores, in an attempt to strike ‘gold’. A choice between stable, established situations and more unstable, exciting, temporary and risky situations will surface. Sometimes the promise is worth the effort of moving on, and other times not; it’s always a risk.

The eclipse chart features Moon-Saturn opposing Mars-Sun-Venus. On one side we have emotional control and on the other passion, desire and sensuality. Such stark contrast invokes deep internalised tension. Temptation and restraint battle it out in relationships. It will of course depend on how strong the attraction is and how self-controlled one is normally but the desire to take a risk is high.

The 112 eclipse series was born in August 985CE. The sabian symbol is “A BIG-BUSINESSMAN AT HIS DESK.” This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to organize things, run a business, attend to paperwork or generally be very much in charge. A “Big-Businessman” is someone who isn’t afraid to make decisions, take some calculated risks, or be prepared to work often and long for the rewards it brings. Are you living the way that is best for your future, your relationships and physical well being?

With an opposition to Mercury and Uranus squaring Jupiter-Mars the theme of the 112 series is twofold – it’s about the need to communicate despite possible friction, and the desire to take big risks. The mood is intense, subjective, unpredictable and brooding making rational decision-making near impossible. There is a high probability of making snap decisions that do not go down well, plus a physical confrontation is likely. You might try to lie low but eclipse energy is difficult to avoid. Try to resist acting on an emotionally driven impulse. Thankfully, with Jupiter square Uranus there is the possibility of a lucky change of circumstance as a result of the upset.

Let me know how it affects you …

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  1. Krissie says:

    Certainly explains a few things! The lunar energy was indeed strong! Thanks Nikki!

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