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New Moon in Libra October 2013

New Moon LibraNew Moon in Libra
0:34 UT/10:34 AEST 5th October 2013

The New Moon is the beginning of the 8 phase cycle. It’s at this time that the Moon and Sun are conjunct ie. joined together in the same sign, and the Sun impregnates the Moon with new seed. The Moon is not visible and the night sky is very dark, punctuated only by stars and some planets. It is a very subjective time where we are receptive to feelings and psychic impressions; the inner knowing that we are on the brink of something new.

So, this phase represents a new beginning, when the seeds of a new project are planted. This is a tentative time and the outcome is only guaranteed if the ground has been made fertile by the prevous cycle. Then, as the Moon moves away from the Sun, the roots begin to take hold – we release the past and look forward into the future.

Libra is a cardinal air sign – it initiates communication, is actively intellectual and objective, and is enthusiastic about partnership. Libra is refined, gracious, civilised, diplomatic, likes balance, fairness, justice, aesthetics and harmony in relationships and environment, and establishes peace and cooperation.

The challenge for the Moon in Libra is to cooperate with others while attending to personal needs, and without losing independence. Libra can strive for beauty and harmony at the expense of authenticity so may tell ‘white lies’ to maintain equilibium. The other typical negative is being indecisive and uncommitted for fear of causing an upset. Generally speaking, Libra choses friends carefully and thrives when leading a cooperative team. Their diplomatic skill usually brings out the best in others, which helps to create a happy environment. When the Moon is in Libra there is an increased need to be sociable and make new acquaintances. Partnerships are in focus. It’s a good time for social gatherings, celebrations, business meetings and romantic liaisons. At the same time, doubt and hesitation can put a dampener on things.

Moon at 12 Libra. Sabian symbol = MINERS ARE SURFACING FROM A DEEP COAL MINE
Symbolised here is the need to delve deep within your self (or into a subject) to find answers and then bring what’s been learnt into the light of day for review. Are you able to go deeply enough to find what is needed? It’s time now to digging, to come to the surface and emerge from the dark. You could end up spiritually asphyxiated by relentless intellectual effort, so come up for air and find more natural ways of living in the light.

New Moon in a T-square: opposing Uranus, square to Pluto
Moon-Pluto themes are about control and emotional manipulation, trust, introspection, and fear of abandonment either by death, separation or emotional absence.
Moon-Uranus: emotional independence, sudden changes, the need for space, inconsistency, shocking reactions and rebellious behaviour.

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