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New Moon January 2013

New Moon

The first New Moon in Melbourne for 2013 occurs this Saturday morning 12th January at 6:44am.

A New Moon is the time to reflect on the new cycle ahead. The seed has sprouted but it is underground and cannot be seen. The New Moon holds the promise of a new beginning, new life, new rules, a new paradigm. The energy is naive, subjective, spontaneous and self-centred. Focus on what you want to manifest before the next Full Moon.

CapricornA Capricorn New Moon calls us to reflect on our social responsibilities and how we handle them. Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, is a feminine energy yet symbolic of authority and the father. It combines practicality and subjectivity to create a well-rounded understanding of what needs to be done. Capricorn strives to achieve goals and wants to make a mark that endures through time. Aware of social mores and with caution, Capricorn slowly but steadily rises to the top. The quest for accomplishment, prestige, honor and material success are what drives Capricorn. More than any other sign, Capricorn understands the value of hard work and the spiritual joy experienced through achieving goals and serving humanity.

At 21°45′ Capricorn, the sabian symbol reads “A GENERAL ACCEPTING DEFEAT GRACEFULLY.” Lynda Hill adds, “This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to see where and when to accept that things are not working and let go of events or people or thoughts that no longer work for you.” We can’t always win and sometimes not winning is a far better position to assume. When placed in a position of authority certain outcomes are expected of us. When these are not reached or obtained we may feel inferior. In fact, some outcomes are either impossible, unreasonable or undesirable. We have to recognise this and accept the actual outcome. The way we handle ourselves in each situation bears more importance than the outcome – our integrity during the process is a measure of our worth. And what may appear to be loss on the surface may be success in disguise. Deal with your anger and accept defeat with humility.

All things considered, this is a time to focus on goals but to also be more focussed on the process than the outcome. When we reach the Full Moon on 27th January it will be the journey rather than the destination that holds significance.

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