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Nikki features in the Stonnington Leader Newspaper

from the Stonnington Leader, March 4 2008

Costello’s celestial set-up

Nikki Worth, astrologer to the stars.


Nikki Worth, astrologer to the stars

AS PRESSURE mounts on Higgins MP Peter Costello to clarify his long-term intentions, reporter Julia Adler sought an alternative insight.

Peter Costello, Higgins MP Born August 14, 1957, age 50 Star sign: Leo

Toorak-based astrologer Nikki Worth offered this mystical guidance on Mr Costello’s year ahead:

“Peter Costello’s Sun-Pluto conjunction means he would not want to be the leader of a political party in Opposition.

“Mr Costello is not destined for the spotlight, fame or extended public recognition.

“His destiny lies in giving his time and energy to family life and enjoying his private time.

“Mr Costello is more than likely to leave his seat and there are several points in the year that strongly indicate change and movement in his life:

“In late February the lunar eclipse hit Mars and activated a desire for more money, which got the ball rolling.

“Early July, Mars will return to the natal position and mark a time of renewed vigour and a desire to exert one’s will to surge forward (and make more money);

“But early August is my tip, when things will occur in threes.

“When the solar eclipse hits Uranus on August 1, Mr Costello will surely feel inspired to change, or perhaps will have no choice, and sudden events will make it a necessity.

“Mars will also affect the ruler of career and the Saturn square recurs from July 23 to August 9, so Mr Costello may wait until September.

“In late November, Pluto will enter the solar house of routine, challenging him to change the way he structures each day. “At this point, if he hasn’t instigated it already, he will feel compelled to change, especially after the influences earlier in the year.

“With Uranus in the 8th house until June 2010, sudden, unexpected events of intense and fateful quality are expected.”

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