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Outgoing and detached yet wishing to remain anonymous?

I flicked through the channels last night and chanced upon a documentary on SBS “The Sex Blog Girls”. It was an interesting insight into Zoe Margolis, alias Abby Lee, who started a in 2004 called Girl With A One Track Mind ( Her sexual adventures drew an online readership of a quarter of a million a month. They were published in a book in 2006 and after a year of anonymity 3 days later she was outed by a newspaper. In the doco, Zoe explains how her public profile and eventual exposure by the English tabloid media has altered her life.

Zoe was frank and honest and revealed herself in a way that was free of pretense, shame and vulgarity. Which promted me to check out her , and of course her horoscope. The is everything I thought it would be and then some. Astrologically, I imagined she had a combination of Saigittarian openness mixed with Scorpionic passion and desire for privacy and a good measure of air sign detachment. Wikipedia lists her birth date as 14 December 1972. With no other details, I located the chart in London, set it to 12 noon and used a solar sign ascendant.

She has a Sagittarian Sun, Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio, and Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in air signs. Clearly these placements confirmed my predictions. Because she also has Mercury in Sag, she likes to broadcast and publish her opinons. Mercury in Sag has an opinion on most things and loves to express itself openly but Mars (and venus) in Scorpio prefers to keep it private, albeit raunchy and intense. I suspect that as frank as the details read she has kept it relatively contained and subdued. Mercury is also tightly conjunct Neptune so there is some measure of sensitivity in what she says and fantasy plays a prominent role in the stories she retells. We can’t be sure if all the details are correct but they reflect a vivid imagination, which does lend itself to the subject matter!

Zoe belongs to a peer group with Saturn in Gemini. They are on the one hand fearful of superficiality and on the other the commanders of frivolity. She also belongs to a generation with Uranus and Pluto in Libra. They will transform the nature of relationship in uniquely innovative ways. Being on the cutting edge of writing, and writing about detachment in intimacy, is a natural interpretation of the two planetary placements.

Please write to me about what you see in this chart – it surely is a fascinating one.

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