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Pisces Man – a sensitive fish . . .

There are 3 main types of fish: the whale, the dolphin, and the goldfish

pisces manThe whale is dominated by a big heart, which matches the size of his form. He is always in a good mood and feels the world is his ocean. He loves everyone and everything and feels tied down to no one, except his children. He will do anything for his children, which is not always in their best interest, or his. They need boundaries and he doesn’t feel the need to have any. This is where the trouble begins. The whale cannot abide anger and negativity. It makes him sick to the stomach and he will want to swim away but feels he needs to protect his children. Under these conditions, the whale wants desperately to leave the situation but feels compelled to stay and tend to his offspring. Sometimes it is the children who have created the drama but the whale cannot tell the difference – if he believes his children are in trouble he will defend them until the crisis abates.

pisces manThe dolphin is also a happy soul, talkative and free-willed and sometimes cheeky but with the highest of intentions. Slim, trim, sporty, sociable and loves to chat, the dolphin is highly intelligent and spiritually aware. They are aware of boundaries but will only employ them when their life, or the life of their loved ones is threatened. Otherwise, they are delightful, charming, quick-witted free spirits. You will only snag a dolphin if you set them a game to play that they can never finish. Even though they may tire of the game from time to time, give them space and they’ll be back for more and then they’re yours for life.

pisces manThe goldfish spends long hours swimming in circles, blowing bubbles, going over old ground, and picking up bits from the bottom of their fishbowl life. Feed him sparingly, never raise your voice, and smile at him sweetly and he will live a long life. He is very happy with a simple, peaceful life, but if he is subject to environmental pollution, like excessive noise or vibration, he will become extremely agitated and behave erratically. If the situation continues for too long he may fill his life with intoxicants to numb the pain of life, to blur reality and time, and to block out psychic interference. Simple though the goldfish may appear, he is a deeply sensitive creature and cannot withstand the harshness of life for too long. Don’t wait until it’s too late or one day you may find him floating on the top, eyes wide open with no life left in them.

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  1. Colin says:

    As a Piscean myself, I found this very interesting. Thankyou for writing it.

    I was wondering if it’s the case of “Once a whale, always a whale”, or “Once a dolphin, always a dolphin”; or it possible to transform from one to the other. I can identify, to varying degrees, with all three.

    If transformation occurs or is possible, is it affected by its habitat (the location and size of the pond), or the diet of the fish?

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