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Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus Conjunct Pluto

16th – 18th January AEDT

Venus conjunct Pluto is when the planet of love meets the planet of intensity … relationships become an all-consuming passion, and deeply mesmerising, like a fire full of hot coals. However, in this case, both planets meet in cool, cautious Capricorn so there is passion but it burns long and slow beneath the surface. You feel drawn but suspicious, obsessed but keep your distance, as it toys with your heart and torments your psyche. It could be that you decide a relationship, personal or professional, no longer measures up. Conversely, a relationship moves to a deeper, more intimate level.

Wherever 10°Capricorn falls in your chart, this is the affected area of life. For example:
in the first house you may take yourself more seriously,
in the second house you buy something of great value,
in the third house you have an encounter with a neighbour,
in the fourth house you go “home” for some solace,
in the fifth house a child becomes very attached to you,
in the sixth house you flirt with a workmate,
in the seventh house partnerships get reassessed,
in the eighth house you inherit an old estate,
in the ninth house you meet an alluring foreigner,
in the tenth house your boss makes a pass at you,
in the eleventh house you share an intense group experience,
in the twelfth house you have passionate dreams.

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