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Venus Inanna

Venus has become such a fascination for me since delving into her-story. Seems his-story has demoted her to a beauty queen without a pageant, instead of the powerful regent she really is. She has been progressively stripped of her power
– akin to descending into the underworld and never coming back. The Greeks and Romans did not assign any power to the feminine. Even Hera and Aphrodite are under the power of Zeus if he thinks they’re out of line. Their power is certainly impressive and far exceeds that of mere mortals but is limited in terms of the immortal gods. In contrast, Zeus can do what he pleases – he gets the final word.

When Venus was Inanna she did ascend from the underworld. I believe she is rising in power again, and it will come at a price. Venus is vengeful when outraged and someone will have to ‘die’ in her place. As the myth of Inanna illustrates, when the feminine is sacrificed, the masculine rises to power. However, when Inanna returned she sent Dumuzi to the underworld (despite lamenting this decision). The masculine eventually paid its due, the feminine regained her throne and when Dumuzi returned the balance is restored. The turmoil arose when 1) Inanna was outraged at Dumuzi’s indifference to her disappearance and 2) she laments the loss of her partner, her animus. During Inanna’s journey to the underworld, she undergoes a deep transformation and returns far wiser and more powerful than when she left.

Is it possible that the influence of Venus in eclipse charts somehow parallels the transit of Venus to the Sun? It occurs at the point of her death in the underworld when she is hung up to rot. My hypothesis is that the transit influences the evolution of human relationships, to each other, to the source (Sun), and back to its benefactor (Earth, sister planet of Venus). I’m finding it difficult to put this into words so I hope you understand what I’m trying to say – this idea is slowly crystallising in my mind.

I am still reading, thinking, writing. There is so much information out there and I am trying to encapsulate the astrological influence and planetary essence of Venus.

I will add more thoughts as they evolve.

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