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What’s Happening in North Korea?

Tension is rising as North Korea makes threats to South Korea and the US. Those in the immediate vicinity must be very concerned, and rightly so.

North Korea - transitsIf we look at NK’s chart we see that transiting Pluto is squaring their tight Mercury-Neptune conjunction, and transiting Uranus opposes Mercury-Neptune creating a t-square. Very simply, t-square = tension, and with Uranus and Pluto radical change is afoot.

Mercury-Neptune is highly perceptive and has a vivid imagination coupled with a lack of clarity and a tendency for self-deception. The opposition by Uranus brings a sudden influx of ideas and perhaps a misguided and explosive imagination – a time fraught with misunderstanding and knee-jerk reactions. The square from Pluto creates a psychological struggle, suggesting a lack of mental clarity and emotional balance. In all, it does not bode well for them, or the rest of the world. Pluto rules nuclear activity and while it dances with radical Uranus for next few years we should expect explosive action, most likely coming from the psychologically unhinged.

South Korea - transitsAnd what of South Korea? Well, the four planets currently in Aries (Uranus, Sun, Venus, Mars) oppose their Mars-Neptune. Mars-Neptune is adventurous and imaginative: a spirtual activist displaying sensitive use of force, but who may also show weakness and hesitation in action. In other words, SK likes peace, and gracious, gentle interaction. But they also have a stellium of planets in Leo (Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Saturn) implying a strong sense of pride, so they won’t take kindly to personal threats but will respond with dignity and caution.

North Korea is the aggressor with its Mars in Scorpio making it fierce in its attack strategy. Mars in Scoprio wields powerful energy and strikes with all its might when the enemy least expects it. Although, in this case the threat has been made public (attributable to their idealistic Mercury-Neptune). As well, transiting Saturn is conjunct their Mars so they no doubt feel great determination and drive to achieve their goals despite any obstacles. For South Korea, Saturn opposes the North Node. This brings SK face to face with the past and situations that can no longer be avoided. Obstacles that stand in their path have to be faced and overcome. Saturn, the Grim Reaper, comes knocking and wants payment for past actions. Before being able to move forward there is an elimination process to go through. They will seek the support of their parent (USA) to try to navigate safely through this time but inevitably they have to take responsibility and bear the brunt of it.

The danger period extends from now to the end of 2013 with late March being a flash point for NK. Sun-Mars opposes their Scorpio Mars. An attack is highly likely at this time.

Mid-September is a particularly crucial time for SK, but first of all they have a Mars return in June 2014 igniting their aggressive streak (if they have one – they’re inclined not to). Survival is a strong instinct so let’s see.

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