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Current Astrology Trends

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Hi. My name is Nikki and I am an astrologer currently working in Melbourne, Australia. On my astrology blog I share what I know to bring you closer to understanding how astrology can be of help to you.

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  1. Eswar says:

    hi, nikki.i want share my astro knowledge with u.some of my astrplogical observations in world stock markets.
    1,whenever sun farms square aspects with jupiter the markets to start in selling mode.the markets may go down.
    2, if any planet aspects pluto at that time the stock markets may face some struggles.particularly
    if venus aspects pluto by opposition,square,conjuction.on those days stok markets moves downside.
    3,if mercury in retrograde motion , and combust with sun in any sign creates some worst in markets.
    4, if same retrograde mercury,placement between two male fic planets,shows banks may faces huge losses.same time investors take a falls steps,automatically it creates panic in markets.(mercury is for trading &traders)
    5 the scorpio natural debt&death sign,if Venus transits in that sign,Taurus may effects, bcoz Venus is lord of Taurus, (2nd sign in zodiac , which represents money &financial sectors, if Venus in detrimental position, money crises will be the result.)now the above all bad combinations are occurred in a same time.
    so the world facing financial crises bcoz of these reasons.
    now i am expecting this is not a final bottom levels for world markets.again in 2009 aug 2nd week some crash may happens in world markets.
    please check 14th aug 2009 planetary transits.
    some thing is bad for stock markets in those days.
    some of my observations i kept here.

    thank u

  2. Nikki says:

    Eswar, am I correct in saying that you look for:
    1) Sun square Jupiter = markets go down
    2) aspects to Pluto, esp by Venus, the market will struggle and probably go down
    3) Mercury retrograde and combust – very bad for the market
    4) if Mercury retro sits between Mars and Saturn then there will be panic
    5) the thing with Venus in Scorpio/Taurus I can’t follow clearly, but I do understand that if Venus is debilitated the money market suffers (eg. in Scorpio)

    I can see what you mean for the current situation but the chart for 14 Aug 2009 does not have any of the above characteristics. Could you please elaborate.

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