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Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred at 12:51pm NZST. Its epicentre was 10km SW of Christchurch at a depth of 5km

The force of this earthquake has created far more damage than the one they had in September and this time they have also had multiple fatalities. Their landmark Cathedral has lost its spire and many buildings have collapsed with people trapped inside. Already there are graphic images of the damage and injuries sustained from the quake, and aftershocks continue while the cameras roll.

This is the second quake Christchurch has endured within a 6 month period. The previous quake occurred 4 September 40km west of Christchurch at 4:35am when most people were at home asleep, and it occurred at a depth of 33km and therefore it caused less damage than today’s very shallow quake.

This is the chart for the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

[Click on the image for a larger view of the chart – click outside the image to close]

Earthquake in Christchurch

What does the chart say about this quake?

We’re all watching Uranus and awaiting its ingress into Aries. However, right now it is squaring the Nodes – the Nodes are connected to fate and Uranus is always an indicator of change and upheaval. Hence with this configuration unexpected changes occur on all levels (physical to metaphysical). Certainly the uprisings in the Middle East are reflecting this. The Nodes are on the Cancer-Capricorn axis which deals with issues of security and structure. These will be disrupted and cleared aside by changes that bring chaos and confusion (Uranus in Pisces). With the part of Fortune exactly conjunct the North Node ther is even more reason to suspect events associated with this chart are extremely fated.

Venus is a regular feature in earthquake charts. She doesn’t always act as a benefic planet, at times unleashing her fury in ways that mimic Mars and Pluto. Venus is squaring the Moon-Saturn mipoint. This amplifies the terror of the situation, such as the number of powerful aftershocks. Many people will be very traumatised by their experience and will require help to process and cope with it.

The 4 January solar eclipse at 14 Capricorn sits at the midpoint of Venus and Pluto in this chart. The eclipse connects them in an explosive manner indicativve of events that are not welcomed and have catclysmic implactions.

New Zealand Chart

When comparing the chart of the quake and that of New Zealand we can see that the Ascendant of the quake is conjunct the NZ Saturn-Uranus. Moon-Saturn opposes NZ Moon-Pluto. But the most obvious earthquake indicator is that of Venus conjunct NZ South Node, plus they have Sun-Mars conjunct – New Zealand is an earthquake zone and prone to ongoing volcanis activity. Add to that T Uranus squaring Venus-Node and T Mars-Neptune in sextile.

And in 2 weeks time NZ will have a Nodal inversion. There is surely more to follow.

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