NikkiHi. My name is Nikki Worth and I am a professional astrologer based in Melbourne, Australia. AstroSense Astrology was born in 1995 when I officially started seeing clients. Allow me to introduce you to the ancient art of astrology and show you what it can do for you – gain clarity, insight and a deeper understanding of yourself, and others, which can help you steer a path towards a more fulfilling life and greater happiness.

What is astrology and why do I love it so much? Astrology is an amazing tool that brings insight and understanding to the world we live in. You would be familiar with ‘popular astrology’ in newspapers and magazines, which isolates the Sun sign. Real astrology is the study of all planetary cycles and their correlation to events here on Earth, and to know it fully requires years of study and experience. As a child, my mother explained the complexities of the zodiac to me, especially through character analysis. She taught me to be observant and recognise patterns in human behaviour. So Astrology has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It became an intrinsic part of my life and my interaction with people. Through Astrology, I have been able to understand life with greater depth and clarity, and subsequently help others do the same. I can’t imagine life without it.

In 1996 I began formal study with Astro*Synthesis, at The Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia, and after many years of work and application gained a Diploma in Applied Astrology. Of course the study is ongoing, and includes attending astrological seminars, webinars and conferences. More recently I completed the STA Horary Practitioner’s Course. I have a great deal of respect for this ancient science, older than the written word and our current civilisation, it will outlive us all.

Currently, I see clients, write articles and manage my website. I am on the committee of the Victorian Astrologers Association, edit the VAA newsletter and manage the VAA website and book collection. In the past, I have spoken at the VAA, an FAA Conference, written daily horoscopes for magazines and the Internet, and run astrology classes.

Consultations are via skype (astrosense) or in person.
Call +61 402 140 525 or email [email protected] to enquire and/or book an appointment.
I specialise in horary (asking a specific question) but will address all your concerns – from natal charts, relationships, vocational astrology and children’s charts to health, event timing and relocation.