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William and Kate’s Royal Wedding

We are about to witness a Royal wedding, and somewhat of a fairytale, between a Prince and a commoner. What’s that? You say you didn’t get an invitation. Well don’t despair – the ceremony will be telecast across the globe.

In many ways the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton fulfils a promise made by William’s parents 30 years ago – also a marriage between a Prince and a commoner. But unlike Charles and Di, Wills and Kate are close in age, have known each other for a long time and have planets and points in common. They have a good foundation that bodes well for their compatibility and the longevity of the marriage.

The wedding is scheduled for 11am Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Here is the chart:

The wedding chart has the fixed sign of Leo on the Ascendant suggesting a stable union, which is reinforced by the ruling Sun (William) elevated and positively aspected to powerful Pluto. Sun in Taurus indicates that William will follow tradition and naturally defer to his grandmother (a Taurus). Natally William has a gentle Venus in Taurus, a sensitive Sun/Moon in Cancer, Saturn exalted in Libra and a benign Mars in Libra. He will not be making waves or changes to the status quo and will make an excellent husband.

Unlike Charles and Diana, William and Kate have known each other for a long time and allowed their relationship to develop slowly. Charles and Di did not know each other well and the synastry in their natal charts was not as good as the young couple. Being 30 years later, their wedding, like that of Charles and Diana, has Saturn in Libra. Saturn rules slow movement and careful planning so this new union starts on a better footing. Perhaps now the promise of a harmonious commitment (Saturn in Libra) will be fulfilled through William and Kate.

One of the keys to the breakdown of Charles and Di’s union was the harsh aspect between their natal Moons. The Moon rules needs and emotional ease and Diana felt greatly unloved and uncared for. In fact, Charles married her while he was in love with someone else … an obvious recipe for disaster. Their wedding was doomed from the outset. Wills and Kate share the Moon in Cancer – in rulership, sensitive, caring, inclusive and protective. William especially will want to shield Kate and keep their privacy intact.

Wills and Kate clearly love each other, and there are no ‘others’ on the scene. However, Venus in the wedding chart is in detriment and will not behave as well as it should. In fact Venus in Aries is lusty, aggressive and impulsive. The relationship could make news headlines for its unorthodox ways, and often. Hard to believe of a sensitive Cancer and sensible Capricorn but astro-synastry demands that all the planetary energies be played out. Kate may discover a wild side to her personality. Her own Venus in Aquarius relates well to this Venus so be surprised and delighted by the freshness she may bring. Venus rules the 11th (friends) and the 4th (home and family). It may be friends and family who betray secrets to the voracious media, lured by temptation and opportunity.

What saves Venus is Mars in Aries (in rulership), angular and astride Jupiter. This amplifies the power and strength of Mars, which also rules the Midheaven – their public persona. Despite the circulation of ‘dirt’ this couple will have innate dignity that will carry them through rough patches.

Another difficulty in the chart is the balsamic moon. It highlights the end of something – obviously bachelorhood and old friendships. William will find this easy but Kate may mourn the loss and feel a sense of abandonment. It is to be expected. Hopefully she will adjust quickly to the role. The wedding chart of Charles & Di also had a balsamic Moon and a debilitated Venus. Hmmm … but this chart isn’t ruled by a weak planet …. ahhhhh. A relief perhaps but difficult energy has a way of putting a spanner in the works.

William is a solstice baby with his Sun and Moon at 0 Cancer, born on a solar eclipse so his Moon is also in Cancer. He has a youthful freshness and an air of naiveté. Anyone born near an eclipse will make a significant mark on the planet before they leave it. Becoming King should do it ! But the eclipse suggests more – watch this space…

In centuries past, those in the line of succession were required to marry from a royal or noble family. These marriages were often arranged to form strategic alliances to strengthen the power or influence of the royal house. They did not take an individual’s personal feelings or preferences into consideration.
Note that during the latter half of 20th century it became more common for royals to marry for love and choose a commoner. Consequently, commoners joined the royal circle and had to become familiar with their arcane rites and rituals, as well as the stress of living their lives in the public eye subject to the relentless attention of the media. The commoner often finds ‘royal life’ difficult, but most eventually adapt, whereas the royal has been groomed for the role all their life.

Other examples include:
Prince Frederik of Denmark and Princess Mary (Donaldson) – married 14 May 2004
King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma (Bennani) – 12 October 2001
King Abdullah of Jordan and Queen Rania (al Yassin) – 10 June 1993
Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Maria Teresa (Mestre y Batista) – 14 February 1981
King Carl Gustav of Sweden and Queen Silvia (Sommerlath) – 19 June 1976
King Harald V of Norway and Queen Sonja (Haraldsen) – 29 August 1968
Emperor Akihito of Japan and Empress Michiko (Shoda) – 10 April 1959
Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Princess Grace (Kelly) – 18 April 1956

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  1. Fiona says:

    Personally, I’d prefer Australia didn’t have a foreign royal family – or any royal family for that matter – but I’ll probably watch the wedding anyway!

    Sounds like the couple have a good astrological foundation for their marriage, despite posible betrayals by people they should be able to trust.

    One question – what’s a balsamic moon?

  2. Nikki says:

    I have just uploaded an article on Moon Phases. Hope that helps with the balsamic moon.

  3. Greta Mckenzie says:

    Thanks for this it was great reading and I so hope you are right… they are a lovely couple and so deserving I am sure….


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