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Horoscope Compatability

Astrology offers fascinating insights that help us understand ourselves and other people, especially our partners. So it would be no surprise to learn that relationship and compatability and horoscope compatability questions are the most common by far, whether they are personal, family or work related.

To quickly find out what sort of partner a man has a compatability with, refer to his Moon and Venus. If they are in a healthy sign and in a healthy relationship to each other then he will potentially relate well.

Likewise, for a woman, for compatability we look to her Sun and Mars.

Then we compare the charts of the two people involved and see if they are compatible. If so, then we have a green light so to speak. While this is a great start remember that people have free will to act, plus environmental influences have also shaped their personality.

Astrology Compatability Horoscope

NOTE – Adjoining Sun Signs
can be compatible if they share Mercury or Venus links. Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun so one or both of these planets might be in the same sign as your Sun sign. Relationships that really work also have their Moon, Mars, Rising sign or another planet in their partner’s Sun sign, giving them traits or interests in common.

Of course, the astrologer can simply this for you through a personal consultation. Contact me today to book an appointment.

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    Thanks for your help & your insights. Your readings are always so accurate. You helped me make sense out of my chaotic life.

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