Star Sign Gift Guide

ARIES loves anything fast, red and hot, especially fast sports cars. Try sporty fragrances, a trip to the hair salon, skin care products, tickets to the races, a cactus plant, a dart game or rollerblades. Surprise them with a ride on a Harley Davidson motorbike.
TAUREANS wants objects of value that stimulate their senses. A Lalique vase, diamond earrings, a gold chain, French perfume, silk lingerie, Beluga caviar, Moet champagne, silver goblets ... they like their creature comforts.
GEMINI needs mental stimulation - tickets to the movies, the latest bestselling novel, a mobile phone, fax machine, monogrammed stationery, a silver letter opener, headphones, a magazine subscription, gloves, or anything in pairs.
CANCERIANS will appreciate anything you give them as long as its from the heart. These soft-hearted beings prefer the company of their loved ones so a family dinner where they don't have to cook would truly touch them. Kitchen utensils, silverware and pearls will definitely appeal.
LEO loves to receive gifts as long as they reflect their own personality. They love drama, music and all things creative. Tickets to the theatre, a play, a band, or to the lastest art exhibition will bring them pleasure. A surprise party in their honour would have to top their list.
VIRGOS love to solve problems and work things more efficiently. Practical gifts such as a solar-powered calculator with their name engraved on it, a tool kit, or monogrammed, recycled stationery is sure to please. For something really different offer to spring-clean their house.
LIBRANS delight in gifts that reflect artistic refinement. Consider an original pastel painting, silk lingerie, a hand-painted card with words of love, candles, mirrors, dinner for two or designer clothing. They prefer elegant fragrances with a subtle note.
SCORPIOS love intrigue and erotic undertones. Anything black of quality will please - a Little Black Dress, a leather wallet, or black lace underwear. They would also appreciate an insurance policy, a good detective story, and perfume with intense musk or spicey floral notes.
SAGITTARIANS love an adventure so send them on an outback safari or buy them hi-tech sport shoes. A suitcase, Swiss army knife, pushbike, or gym membership is also to their liking. They love animals so a new puppy would really make them smile.
CAPRICORNS want gifts that are traditional or represent status - real estate, antiques, classic fragrances, vintage wines, stocks and bonds, a leather briefcase, a ticket to the Museum. Family heirlooms such as jewellery and furniture are particularly appealing to them.
AQUARIUS rules all things unusual, unique and futuristic. Try giving them a reading by an Astrologer, crystals, a friendship ring, a laptop computer, a personalised mouse pad, a pyramid to meditate under, or membership at the planetarium.
PISCEANS are dreamers and romantics. Fine bed linen and herbal sleep pillows are a good choice, as are CDs, tickets to a concert or the ballet; write some poetry or create a tape for them to use in meditation.