Star Signs

Nearly every magazine and newspaper has some form of astrology, whether it be a daily star sign column or a page of horoscopes for the month. What’s your star sign, people may ask, and what exactly does this mean? Your star sign, sun sign, zodiac sign, birth sign, and astrological sign are one and the same thing – the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in on the day of your birth.

This is not so unique as many people are born on the same day, but each of us are born at a particular time on that day, in a certain location on the planet, influenced by our family, siblings, schooling, upbringing and perceptions. Furthermore, all the planets of the solar system are taken into account when looking at your ‘astrology’. When all these aspects are taken into account you may not be so typical of your Sun Sign. Your personality and unique characteristics are described by your Birth Chart.




MARCH 21 – APRIL 20: Fire Sign
Headstrong, energetic, independent, assertive, naive… “I am”

Ruling Planet – Mars
Gemstone – Diamond/Quartz
Metal – Iron
Essential Oil – Rosemary
Flora – Tiger Lily
Tarot Card – the Emperor

A passionate, assertive sign, Aries the ram is a pioneer. There is very little that daunts a Ram for he takes on a challenge before he thinks. It is the ‘leap before you look’ type that appears to display a bravery beyond the call of duty. BUT, it comes directly from a lack of foresight and purely from craving adventure, and getting there first, that means Aries is seen primarily as the leader of the expedition. They make great squad captains but need other qualities to become general. However, if it weren’t for Aries Earth would have remained a flat expanse unexplored for fear of falling off. Aries has no fear bacause they do not consider failure an option, and if they fall they see it only as a temporary setback. Some say they display a naivety tha borders on stupidity but it is ust that they live for the moment only and must express their exuberant energy constantly.

Mars is the Ruling Planet
The ruler of the war and desire likes nothing better than to show prowess on the battlefield. Mars sees winning as the only goal and because of the unlimited energy reserves winning is the usual outcome. And what better sport than a sexual interlude after conquest. Energy is Mars’ alias, and there is an inexhaustable reservoir of it. How you express this energy depends on the sign that your Mars is in. For example, Mars in Cancer will defend their family and loved ones, sometimes to the death, whereas Mars in Aries will fight their ‘enemy’ with the same passion and conviction and also to the death if necessary. A strong Mars in your chart means you are prone to a temper and aggression but you are also energetic and extremely capable. A weak Mars may have limited energy reserves and find it hard to put their desires into action, or to do anything promptly or effectively.

The 1st House is the associated domain
The face we show the world is also called the personality. This is the mask we develop from the influence of outside influences combined with our inner motivations. We use this face to protect the rest of our complex nature because we feel vulnerable to attack and fear death as the ultimate threat, ust as any creature of nature will. So, if we openly display our ‘personality’ and you don’t like it then we feel less hurt because our ‘true nature’ is left intact. If our Sun is in the first house then its ‘what you see is what you get’ for our vital self is one and the same as our personality. These people generally have an innate confidence that allows them to override outside influence or criticism. The first house is akin to Aries and Mars and therefore there is a fighting spirit here and a naivete that allows a 1st house Sun to be themselves and bounce off negativity as though it never existed. The 1st house cusp is also called the Ascendant , or Rising Sign, and people will show physical characteristics attributed to the sign. FOr example, Leo rising has strong, broad shoulders and proudly hold their head high, often endowed with a thick mane of hair, whereas Virgo is wirey, often short but nimble, crafty and fast thinking.

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APRIL 21 – MAY 20: Earth Sign
Loyal, determined, stubborn, reliable, creative… “I have”

Ruling Planet – Venus
Gemstone – Emerald
Metal – Copper
Essential Oil – Rose
Flora – Rose
Tarot Card – the Hierophant

Taurus is a determined, practical and fact-driven energy. What IS overrides what may be. Taureans are total realists believing only what they can see, taste, touch, hear, smell. The sixth sense is the last sense to develop, if at all. Taureans are Earthlings, and therefore very focussed on their life on this planet. Anything outside this reality does not interest them because they don’t believe it exists. But these natives have the endurance and perseverance of a whole army. The sign of the bull will not give up and, as we know, when they see red they charge straight at you. Ruled by their senses, they love to eat gourmet foods, smell elegant fragrance, touch velvety textures, hear melodic sounds, and view all things aesthetically pleasing. They make sensible partners who are also very tactile and affectionate. Massage and perfume, soft fabrics and cold hard cash – all these things make them happy, contented and sedated. If you were lost out in the wild you need a Taurean with you. A trusty Bull will lead you straight to the source of food or water where none seems evident. While they are resourceful, they are also possessive and may dictate how and when and to whom the food and water goes. Offer them money and lots of it and immediately they soften. It is not greed but a fair exchange they seek.

Venus is the ruling Planet
Love and pleasures of the physical senses. Also known as Aphrodite in her Greek gown, she is so beautiful, so enticing, so alluring, so dangerous. Venus, the planet of love, seems so attractive yet she also embodies many vices. One who has fallen in love knows only too well the pain that comes with loving another. Even when love is in the ‘ideal’ phase we can fear the loss of the beloved, to the point where we may obsess about or reject them. Cupid is Venus’ son and he strikes when you least expect it. Venus has taught him well and was his mother’s ally in affairs of the heart, especially in schemes that benefited her. So, Venus works with a partner, her son, and therefore she is attracted to younger men, wishing to possess them. A strong Venus in your chart lends a fondness for youthful lovers, a sweet tooth and revelling in pleasures of the senses!

The 2nd House is the associated domain
What we value in ourselves and in our life, our innate talents and skills, how we accumulate resources and what we do with them, how we look after ourselves and our possessions – these are the main concerns of the second house. Planets in this house describe how we earn money, attract resouces, look after ourselves, and the sign on the cusp is the doorway. For example, Taurus on the cusp implies one who works hard for a living and has the propensity to earn and save well. Whereas Pisces here indicates someone who shows little regard for money unless it can offer spiritual rewards, so fundraising is one possibility but poverty is another. There is always a higher perspective from which to view any issue so the second house offers us a way to bring ‘wealth’ into our lives in many forms, not just monetary.

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MAY 21 – JUNE 21: Air Sign
Friendly, spontaneous, restless, talkative, deductive… “I think”

Ruling Planet – Mercury
Gemstone – Pearl
Metal – Mercury
Essential Oil – Peppermint
Flora – Lavender
Tarot Card – the Lovers

The mythological twins were Castor (son of a king of Sparta) and Pollux (son of Jupiter), brothers who shared the same mother, Leda, and Helen of Troy was their sister. When Helen was abducted, Castor and Pollux, with their followers, managed to successfully rescue her. Castor and Pollux were inseparable in all their enterprises and shared the greatest affection for each other. They became Argonauts but spent much of their time raiding cattle and abducting young women, as Greek gods were wont to do. During one such cattle raid a cousin (Idas) became enraged at Castor and killed him. Pollux, as the son of Jupiter, was immortal, but Pollux mourned over the loss of his brother to such a point that he wanted to follow Castor into Hades. Jupiter was so stricken by Pollux’s love for his brother that he allowed them both to share Hades and Olympus (on alternate days). According to another form of this myth, Jupiter placed the brothers among the stars as Gemini, the Twins. If you have the Sun in Gemini, you will search for your ‘twin’ soul, this being the halves of your ‘self’, one mortal the other immortal. The search will take you on many an interesting journey, and when you find your ‘other half’ you will never want to leave their side.

Mercury is the Ruling Planet
Mercury was named after speedy Mercury, the mythical Roman winged messenger, god of commerce, travel and thievery, and escort of dead souls to the underworld, because it is the fastest-moving planet. The Greek Hermes was the messenger of the Gods. With his winged helmet and sandals, he travelled to the land of mortals communicating and connecting all parts. Mercury is the thinker, the messenger, the networker; the link between worlds. It is fascinated by two-way communication and being able to link things together. It gathers and shares data, therefore it enjoys journeys both literally and figuratively. Mercury therefore governs our capacity to think and understand, take in information and process it, and our ability to communicate. Language, symbols, discrimination and analysis are also Mercury’s domain.

The 3rd House is the associated domain
In this house, we the mind and develop communication skills through contact with siblings, neighbours, school mates and those in our immediate environment. It is through this early interaction that intelligence is developed in the growing child and extended through schooling. It is here that our consciousness expands and reflective abilities begin to unfold. While our minds are powerful, quick and dexterous, some things will be well-thought out, and others nearly automatic. The goal is to connect all things back to the original thought, ‘me’; to create a network of people and ideas that support and share our ideas enabling us to understand who we are in relation to our world.

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JUNE 22 – JULY 22: Water Sign
Dependent, nurturing, receptive, moody, tenacious… “I feel”

Ruling Planet – Moon
Gemstone – Ruby/Moonstone
Metal – Silver
Essential Oil – Fennel
Flora – Water Lily
Tarot Card – the Chariot

Cancerians are deeply sensitive with a tough outer shell to protect their vulnerable side. Without the shell you would surely perish, eaten alive by the scavengers and insensitives of the world. They are easily bruised and suffer from mood swings that others may find irrational and slightly neurotic. This does not mean that you are unable to survive in the outer world. On the contrary, you are driven by the need for comfort, security and safety so you are very shrewd and wiley. Never be fooled by the soft, moody Cancerian for they have sharp claws that can cut you off and out of the game. If, on the other hand, you are on their good side, they are the most gentle and caring people to have with you. The crab is the zodiac’s nurturer, the mother who unconditionally cares for her loved ones. And they never forget a kindness – they have the memory of an elephant – and will repay you in kind. Once slighted you will fall from their favour, and perhaps become fodder if you really overstep the mark. Upsetting their home environment would be the most painful and unforgiveable act for their home is their castle. This is where they find solace from the harsh outside world and allow their emotions to subside.

The Moon is the Ruling Planet
The Moon represents our emotional nature, feelings and gut reactions, how we perceive life and respond to stimuli, and our deepest needs and fears. It is fluid, receptive, internal, dependent, sentimental and instinctive. It holds memories, is impressionable, and refers to the past (where it tempts us to remain). Just as the Moon affects the oceans and tides every day, its relative speed reflects the rapid changes of human emotion. As a satellite of the Earth, it is dependent on that planet for its stability and life cycle. The moon phases are dependent on the Sun. It’s changing face and monthly cycle around the Earth reminds us of the cyclic nature of life, of growth and decay. Quite literally, the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, softly lighting up the sky and the planet’s surface at night, acting as a mirror of the core self; it is the feminine, reflective form of the masculine expression. In the birth chart, the relationship of the Sun to the Moon indicates the extent to which an individual’s will and behaviour (Sun) harmonises or conflicts with his or her emotions, situation and environment (Moon). The Moon sign describes the way we are nurtured and grow to be nurturers, our style of loving, caring and nurturing others, as well as the kind of nurturing we need from those who care for us. The Moon is our ‘inner child’, which needs to be loved, fed and cared for. Therefore, the mother-child relationship is lunar in essence.

The 4th House is the associated domain
In this house, we build a fine nest full of creature comforts and special people. This is the most vulnerable house in the chart and planets here describe how you are at home, what your childhood home was like for you and what your security needs are. It also reveals your emotional weak spots and triggers; like the crab, it doesn’t pay to attack someone at this level for they will revert to survival mode and their defences are incredibly strong and powerful. The family of origin is rooted here, so this is where you find parents, father, family inherited characteristics (especially on the father’s side), heritage, ancestry, and traditional attitudes passed on consciously or unconsciously. Life begins and ends with this house, so it is the house of old age, grandparents, the process of death and funerals. On a mundane level, this house rules hidden treasures of the earth, mining, real estate, agriculture and farming, nationalism, patriotism and history.

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JULY 23 – AUG 23: Fire Sign
Outgoing, entertainer, generous, dramatic, proud… “I will”

Ruling Planet – Sun
Gemstone – Gold/Peridot
Metal – Gold
Essential Oil – Orange
Flora – Marigold
Tarot Card – the Sun

Leos are drama queens – they love the spotlight and lots of attention. And if they don’t get it they will create a scene that ensures their demand for attention is met. Like the Sun, they consider themselves the centre of their universe and command respect and love from those around them. The brave exterior protects a tender heart that craves to be loved and wanted. Leos can be found in many professions where they take centre stage.They cannot take a back seat to anyone unless that person truly represents their own inner solar power. An unhealthy Leo is dramatic with the smallest of details, demanding, loud, stubborn,arrogant and egotistical. A happy Leo is dignified, benevolent, heroic, proud and romantic. The regal Leo will be found in positions of power, often as royalty, and they make for playful but pushy stage-parents.

The Sun is the Ruling Planet
The Sun represents our creative potential, our inner vitality and our therefore our life force. Without the Sun the solar system wouldn’t exist, likewse with our inner sun, without that divine spiritual centre we cannot exist. Our Sun is who we are, and it can take a whole lifetime to discover who we truly are. As children we are radiant beings of sunshine, love and happiness, a true reflection of our solar nature. As we grow we have many experiences that teach us about ourselves in relation to the big wide world. If our experiences are unsupportive then we may hide behind an assumed personality in order to protect our vulnerable selves. With confidence and a healthy ego we are able to express ourselves without fear of attack or ‘death’. A healthy Sun is confident, cheerful, radiant, self-assured, creative and full of vitality.

The 5th House is the associated domain
In this house, we have fun and enjoy ourselves, taking time out to dabble in hobbies, recreation and spending time with children. If you have planets here then these issues are of vital importance to you. Saturn here means work may be your ‘recreation’ or you may have little time for play. Conversely, the Moon here describes someone who needs to play and rest for their emotional well being. Mercury in the 5th needs mental stimulation in the form of puzzles, reading, or conversation, and Neptune tends to idealise their children and their record collection. The 5th house can indicate whether we are risk takers or overly fearful of consequences, love to dabble on the horses or avoid frivolity in case of injury or embarrassment. Can you laugh at yourself or do you take yourself too seriously? This house reveals your pain threshold.

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AUG 24 – SEPT 22: Earth Sign
Practical, neat, clean, efficient, skilled… “I analyze”

Ruling Planet – Mercury
Gemstone – Sapphire
Metal – Platinum
Essential Oil – Lemon Verbena
Flora – Narcissus
Tarot Card – the Hermit

Astute, fascinated with detail and hypercritical, Virgo loves to wear white, or busy patterns to appear crisp and clean. The messy variety are confusing themselves with Pisces and sitting on the wrong end of the see-saw. It’s a common reaction to the clinical sterility of the virginal state – purity has a way of finding the dirt. And by the way, the virgin Virgo isn’t chaste as such…they make fastidious, compulsive lovers…it’s just that anything less than perfect is totally unacceptable. Hence, virgin in the sense of original / perfect / pristine. You can touch but be gentle, and wash your hands, twice.

Mercury is the Ruling Planet
Mercury is primarily associated with communication and adaptation to the environment. Best known as the planet of intellect, speech, memory, education, short travels, virility, wisdom, intuitive power, and occult sciences. In the past, astrologers such as Lilly associated him with learning, mysteries, and occult knowledge, and others with astrologers, philosophers, and writers. He is considered the mental and physical gymnast of the gods ruling all forms of human communications but strongly associated with the more basic levels of the mind. While he is the god of speech he is also the god of silence. He is the eternal youth and old man senex, messenger to the dead. He is the protector of honest merchants and tavern owners, and the patron of pickpockets, highway bandits, thieves, rogues, liars and scoundrels. He is the court jester, the fool, a trickster, magician, shaman and psychopomp. The energy Mercury directs towards us is restless and tends to come in short, sharp bursts. Mercury rules the hands, manual dexterity and mechanical skills. Mercury also describes transportation.

The 6th House is the associated domain
In this house, we work and deal with everyday routines. We create regular habits of eating, sleeping, working, and caring for our bodies. This is place where we put our learned skills into action in order to manifest what we need each day. This includes tying shoelaces, brushing teeth, morning stretches, and making breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. It’s also the house of sacred ritual, the kind that keeps us in a stream of regular rhythm and practice. Routine sets the body into rhythms that keep us healthy. Not only to ourselves but also being of service to others, giving our time, effort and skill to another teaches us to be humble, grateful, to understand the cyclic nature of everyday life.

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SEPT 23 – OCT 23: Air Sign
Diplomatic, sensitive, artistic, idealist, fair…”I balance”

Ruling Planet – Venus
Gemstone – Opal
Metal – Aluminium
Essential Oil – Jasmine
Flora – Aster
Tarot Card – Justice

Librans are the diplomats of the zodiac. They thrive on social interaction, developing ties with others and forming lasting partnerships. Hence their motto is “I relate”. They live to achieve harmony and balance, to cultivate an environment of cooperation, and strive at all times to be objective. Therefore white lies and persuasive manipulation are not beneath them, especially if they believe it will achieve their aims. A dysfunctional Libran can be full of bright ideas but lazy and lacking ambition. Despite the fact that they are peace-loving you will invariably find them amongst discord for that is their calling – to achieve harmony out of discord and strife opens the way for love and beauty. This is explained further in the myth of Venus below.

Venus is the Ruling Planet
The myth of the Roman Venus has evolved from her Greek predecessor Aphrodite. The birth of Aphrodite was both unusual and violent. Her father Ouranos (Uranus), the sky god, was paranoid of his children believing they could usurp his power, and after each birth pushed the child back into his partner Gaia (Earth). Eventually Gaia tired of this behaviour and implored Ouranos to stop but he wouldn’t. She implored her children to come out and help but only Chronos (Saturn) was brave enough to face their father. One night, when Ouranos lay with Gaia Chronos took him by surprise. He cut off Ouranos’ genitals and threw them into the sea. The drops of blood created the Furies and out of the resultant sea foam was born Aphrodite, who became the Goddess of Love. So, while Venus rules love and beauty it is tinged with disharmony and strife; the two go hand in hand. Venus loves to be nice and be treated well in kind. She is a svelt energy in our chart, coloured by the sign she sits in. Where Venus in Leo loves attention and is generous to a fault, Venus in Pisces is attuned to subtler energies floating in the ether, and Venus in Libra enjoys company and rarely ventures out alone.

The 7th House is the associated domain
In this house we learn to relate to another person as being totally separate from ourselves. This house shows us who we are and what we can expect when we are in relationships. The sign on the cusp describes the kind of people that fascinate us when we meet them. Points and planets in this house highlight what we will meet in others and need to integrate in ourselves (if we want to develop healthy, committed relationships). This is also the house of open enemies, and your partner can bring to the surface parts of yourself you have kept hidden from yourself. Know that the people we are extremely attracted to, or repulsed by, possess parts of ourselves we deny or project. The reality is that they represent the shadow within ourselves. Falling in love can be a very transformative experience. At first everything is wonderful, compelling, safe and familiar, and you feel you’ve met your “soul mate”. When the “glow” wears off, each person begins to find fault with each other and a crisis can occur. Ideally the relationship must change so each person can differentiate, integrate and express their own 7th house. In order to create healthy relationships we start by looking inside ourselves, and this is something many people fear and avoid. When love turns to hate, one or both partners were unable to overcome their unconscious projections, and this pattern is likely to repeat until they do the inner work.

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OCT 24 – NOV 22: Water Sign
Passionate, secretive, driven, shrewd, powerful… “I want”

Ruling Planet – Pluto
Gemstone – Topaz
Metal – Sodium
Essential Oil – Sandalwood
Flora – Gardenia
Tarot Card – Death

Scorpio is secretive, seductive, probing, compelling, magnetic, persistent, and vengeful if wronged. Meet Scorpio the wiley detective; the forensics expert; the State Coroner; the financial director; the sex therapist. This sign is the master of the underworld, the hidden element, and emotional depths. It is the only sign with multiple symbols – the scorpion, the snake, the mythic phoenix, and the eagle. Each Scorpio starts off as a scorpion, learning about the basic instinctual nature of life and how not to get cornered and sting yourself to death. The next level is that of the snake, cold-blooded, hiberating in winter and able to regenerate by shedding their skin. The Phoenix rose anew out of the ashes of the fire it set for itself, refreshed and totally regenerated. The Eagle has the unique advantage of being without enemy apart from man. It soars on high, observing everything in a majestic silence. Scorpio embodies all these qualities but it’s mission is to die to itself in order to be reborn, the closest thing to human immortality.

Pluto is the Ruling Planet
From out of the dark depths of space, in 1930 Pluto was declared the 9th planet in our solar system, although some argue it is not really a planet. Shortly afterwards the first atomic bomb was exploded and we entered the atomic age. Pluto opened the door to a power with the ability to destroy everything in its path. Prior to its discovery we only speculated at the possibility. Used for the greater good, Pluto’s immense power can be harnessed to run whole countries, but used destructively it can annihilate whole cities, millions of people with it. Pluto is a slow moving planet (~13yrs per sign) and therefore whole generations will have Pluto in the same sign. It signifies changes in society as a whole and paves the way for new levels of psychological understanding. The house where Pluto is in your chart is the area of life you may become obsessed with, channel a lot of energy into, or suffer psychological stress from. It is important to use this power to its greatest moral advantage and not for ego-related pursuits.

The 8th House is the associated domain
This is the house of psychology, archaeology, death, emotional scars, intimacy, and shared finances. Primarily it is the house where we are meant to shed parts of our personality no longer useful to us but altogether too often it is a storehouse for childhood scars and life’s emotional baggage; we dig for buried treasure but we may find a few skeletons along the way. If we want to get to the bottom of our deepest psychological urges then this is the house to start digging in. Planets here describe people, events and places that hold deep significance and may still hold power over us. Like an archaeologer, we must dig slowly, carefully, with kid gloves and a soft sable brush to sweep away the debris laid down over time and uncover the treasure within.

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NOV 23 – DEC 21: Fire Sign
Friendly, frank, outgoing, jovial, adventurous… “I see”

Ruling Planet – Jupiter
Gemstone – Turquoise
Metal – Tin
Essential Oil – Juniper
Flora – Carnation
Tarot Card – Temperance

Sagittarians are frank, adventurous and philosophical in their outlook. They love to tell stories and are prone to exaggeration. Exaggeration serves as a tool to emphasise a point. Hence, the story of the fish that got away “and it was this big”. But their lively commentary and wit are very entertaining. They live to broaden their minds, to expand their knowledge, to seek the truth, to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life. Where there’s a mountain to climb, a captive audience or a venture into the dangerous unknown there is a Saggie lurking close by. These natives are scared of very little believing that luck is on their side at all times. Even when they fall they believe that it’s all part of the bigger picture, helping them in some way to achieve their aims. Sometimes those aims are way higher than even they can reach but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Generally speaking, Sagittarians love the outdoors (many are athletic), their freedom (so they prefer flexible schedules), are intuitive and can see into the future, they are casual in their approach, fun-loving, easy going, enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet
Jupiter, also known as Zeus to the Greeks, was named King of the Gods after Saturn was overthrown. We get the word jovial from his name; he is a benevolent ruler but has a different set of rules for himself. Jupiter is referred to as the Greater Benefic ( Venus being the Lesser Benefic) bestowing abundance and expansion to those he touches. This is not necesarily a good thing – too much laughter gives you a stitch. He is warm and wise and an effective antidote to Saturns cold, contracting ways.

The 9th House is the associated domain
On a jumbo jet to exotic destinations with minimal luggage, a travel guide and good walking shoes, in the 9th house we explore and expand our minds, hearts and horizons. If a 9th house person can’t travel then they will do so through books, lectures, documentaries, and mixing with people from far away places. Traditionally this house rules higher education, foreign languages, long distance travel, international communications and spirituality. It is also the house of the guru and many religious folk have connections to this house and/or Sagittarius. With a number of planets placed here you have an active mind and strive to think your way through life, sorting out fact from fiction, looking for the truth of life through study of the natural world.

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DEC 22 – JAN 19: Earth Sign
Ambitious, responsible, organised, hardworking… “I use”

Ruling Planet – Saturn
Gemstone – Garnet
Metal – Lead
Essential Oil – Vetiver
Flora – Pansy
Tarot Card – the Devil

A sober and energy conserving sign, Capricorn the sea goat is the quiet achiever. While others make noise and stop to rest, these disciplined creatures are striving for success in everything they do. They slowly build a creative life for themselves and all those they love and care for benefit along the way. They are not time wasters, believing each moment wasted is a tragedy and cannot be retrieved. So they make the most of every day no matter what they are doing. Often they are early risers and push themselves hard. Never let it be said that a Capricorn was found glued to the sofa, unless they are ill or exhausted of course.

Saturn is the Ruling Planet
The great father time, measuring each step along the path of life. Every moment of every day is regulated by Saturn. From Earth, it is the furthest planet from the Sun that can be seen with the naked eye (in the countryside, no lights and no Moon). As such, he is the authority and ruler of the visible boundary of the astrological world. Saturn is the greater malefic and deals out rules, limitation, restrictions and the hard lessons of life. But the reward comes when we listento him, follow his lead, learn the lesson and reap the concrete rewards. Saturn may be harsh but he brings reality into focus and helps to keep us grounded and on our true path. Look at the sign to describe how Saturn measures time for you eg. Aries is the rules, the army General; Taurus is practical and saves their money; Aquarius leads the protesters towards the steps of government.

The 10th House is the associated domain
This arena brings us out into the world at large. We learn about our immediate environment through experiences in the 3rd house – through siblings, early schooling, neighbours, and short distance journeys. When we enter the 10th house the world becomes our backyard, or at least the potential is there. Each one of us has the opportunity to venture out into the world, to give to the broader community, to make a visible contribution through a vocation. Vocation is not a job and often is performed without remuneration. The reward comes from the self-satisfaction, the sense of achievement and belonging to a wider community. Some fortunate individuals make their living from their vocation, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Fame, reputation and social status all belong to the 10th house. The sign on the cusp describes the way the energy is expressed here. Eg. – Gemini is the natural-born salesman but is also capable of having more than one avenue of income/vocation; Libra is the diplomat/artist; Cancer is the professional carer; Leo is the performer/clown/hero.

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JAN 20 – FEB 18: Air Sign
Eccentric, friendly, spiritual, rational, humanitarian… “I know”

Ruling Planet – Saturn/Uranus
Gemstone – Amethyst
Metal – Uranium
Essential Oil – Lavender
Flora – Orchid
Tarot Card – the Star

When the Sun enters Aquarius the fun begins. This sign is a revolutionary and likes to be different, unique and controversial. So, at this time expect the unexpected. If you have a developed sense of the absurd then you will relish this month, otherwise you might feel off balance and somewhat compromised. Try to see life from a higher perspective and you might just learn something new, about yourself and others. Social and political agendas come to the fore – watch politicans and social reformers worldwide speak up and out. Aquarius is concerned about the greater good offering support for social justice groups and likes to rally support for causes that aim to change things for the better. You may find yourself involved in a group that decides to change the rules, revamp the meeting venue, or take up a new cause. They say there’s nothing new in the universe but there is always a new way of looking at your life. Try it.

Uranus is the Ruling Planet
Uranus, the great sky god, son of Gaia who then became his wife. They had many children. Aghast and fearful of his children, he forced Gaia to swallow their children after giving birth to them, which of course caused her much pain. To stop him from impregnating her further, the youngest son Chronus (Saturn) cut off Uranus’ genitals one night when he lay with Gaia. After this, the sky (Uranus) separated from the earth (Gaia) and Chronus became king of the gods, until he was overthrown by Zeus who became the supreme god of the Greek Pantheon. Astrologically, Uranus in your chart shows your need for independence, your gift of originality and innovation, and where upsets, surprises and unexpected events may occur. If Uranus is active in your chart then you like to look at life with rainbow glasses on as well as using your intuition. Uranus is associated with inventions, computers, cutting-edge technology and the future. It is a generational planet associated with revolutions, uprisings, and earth-shattering events.

The 11th House is the associated domain
Our hopes, wishes, goals and aspirations for the future belong in this house. Whenever we join a group, club, cause or association it will rest here, described by the sign on the cusp and planets placed within. It is said to be a house of luck and good fortune but it will depend on the disposition of ruling planet. In this house we gain the love and support of friends and aquaintances, and possible promotions through recommendation. The partner’s children also reside here, as well as how you accept love given to you.

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FEB 19 – MAR 20: Water Sign
Sensitive, compassionate, eclectic, dreamer… “I believe”

Ruling Planet – Neptune
Gemstone – Aquamarine
Metal – Tin
Essential Oil – Neroli
Flora – Violets
Tarot Card – the Moon

A passive and sensitive sign, Pisces the fish is the dreamer. Imagine there’s no heaven – it’s not possible for a fish, who swims in a world where all things bright, light and beautiful live. You’re living in your own ‘private idaho’ Pisces, and lovin’ it! They may be sensitive, dreamy, starry-eyed and seemingly away with the fairies (and they are!) but they are also incredibly skilled, intuitive, capable, canny (like Radar from “Mash”), stylish, great actors, adored by children and live to a ripe old age with faculties intact. Only when they succumb to a life of alcohol, drugs, delusion, and self-pity do they die young and lonely. When the Sun is in the sign of Pisces, you may feel more spiritually inclined and more likely to pick up a pencil to doodle, a brush to paint, play a CD, watch a band, sing, join a musical group, act in a play, be inspired by the simplest or complex of things. Life takes on a hazy glow and we feel less inclined to work, even though work piles up. Overtime is on the cards, cancelled appointments, misinterpreted remarks, but do not despair simply ‘don the walkman’ and close your eyes.

Neptune is the Ruling Planet
The ruler of the sea and the vast oceans, of emotion, dreams, poetry, myth, art, and music. Close your eyes, breathe slowly. Imagine you are floating in a warm sea and you cannot feel the weight of your body. There is nothing but you and the sound of water softly lapping around you. There is no time and no limitations. Youe are in Neptune’s realm. Neptune is the part of us that inspires us, creating a culture that binds us together through our shared conscious experience of that culture in its many artforms. Every culture develops music, art, and poetry. These evolve into myths that symbolise the cultural entity we belong to, reaching god-like status over time. There are no limits to the culture – it constantly redefines itself, reliving and reinventing the old, inspiring and cultivating the new.

The 12th House is the associated domain
This watery world takes us beyond the known world and into the imagination and realm of dreams. We escape the ‘real’ world and enter the place where all things come from, good and bad. It’s up to us to avoid the bad, respect its existence and be grateful for all that is good in our lives. There is no place for selfishness here, for it will be our undoing. Through self-sacrifice we enter into another world, where the ego does not belong. Charity work can be one of the best acts of selflessness available to us. It allows us to give for no other reason than to help someone in real need. Giving our money or goods is admirable but giving our time is indeed a noble act of humility.

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(Images Copyright: Oksana Grivina)