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A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipse Tetrad
Yesterday posted an article on the upcoming set of four total lunar eclipses that will be visible in the US.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when, with the Sun, Earth and Moon in alignment, the Moon moves through the Earth’s shadow. A lunar eclipse highlights two points in the chart – the positions of the Sun and Moon. Lunar eclipses are powerful Full Moons indicating the culmination of something that is life changing. With the Sun and Moon in opposition, a lunar eclipse involves other people, often those familiar to us, who pose a problem or challenge.

While eclipses are a common event, four total lunar eclipses in a row, and visibile in the same area, is not. Is it significant? Astrologically we look at the impact on the chart of the countries in the spotlight.

The first lunar eclipse on 15th April 2014 07:43 UT is at 25°15′ Libra, and therefore the Sun is at 25°15’Aries. It will be visible across New Zealand and North America. A Libran eclipse emphasises interaction, co-operation and compromise. New Zealand’s chart [1] is relatively unaffected, but in the US Sibly chart [2], the eclipse falls in the 10th house and squares the US 8th house Mercury. The US will feel outside pressure to say something they would prefer to keep secret. This situation will cause tension and disagreements both at home and abroad and perhaps see an unfavourable change of mind.

The second lunar eclipse on 8 October 2014 10:51 UT is at 15°05′ Aries. It will be visible over eastern Australia, the Pacific, Alaska, western Canada and western North America. An Aries eclipse emphasises independent action. In Australia’s settlement chart [3], the eclipse and Uranus fall in the 3rd house. It would seem diplomacy goes out the window with sudden harsh actions taken at a local level. For Canada [4], the eclipse sits on their Ascendant-Neptune. Canada will be called upon to handle a matter both quickly and with sensitivity, empathy and compassion. For the US, the eclipse is in the 4th opposing Saturn. This implies great upset at home and a good many external obstacles as well.

The third lunar eclipse on 4 April 2015 2015 12:06 UT is at 14°24′ Libra. It will be visible across Australia, New Zealand, western North America, eastern Asia and the Pacific. There’s nothing substantial to note in Australia or New Zealand’s chart, but in the US chart the eclipse sits in the 10th house conjunct Saturn. This is the reverse configuration of the previous eclipse. This time rejection from others is likely despite a concerted effort to be diplomatic. In China’s chart [5], the eclipse sits in the 8th house conjunct China’s Neptune-Mercury. Could it be that China experiences financial difficulties through international connections. They will be called upon to show sensitivity and discretion but this may not be possible.

The fourth lunar eclipse on 28 September 2015 02:51 UT is at 04°40′ Aries. It will be visible over western Europe, Africa, and the Americas. In the US chart, the eclipse falls on the IC – more trouble and tension at home highlighted by negotiation failure?

It seems apparent that this tetrad of lunar eclipses will not deliver an easy time for the US.


[1] New Zealand foundation chart – 6 Feb 1840 11:30am LMT, Welington
[2] US Sibly chart – 4 July 1776 5:10pm LMT, Philadelphia PA
[3] Australia settlement chart – 26 January 1788 5:23am AEST, Sydney
[4] Canada chart – 1 July 1867 0:00am LMT, Ottawa
[5] China chart – 1 October 1949 3:02pm, Beijing

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