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December Solstice 2015

We have finally arrived at the solstice, when the Sun is at its fullest potential in the southern hemisphere. It actually stands still for 3 days, amplifying its energy, and then the light begins to wane as each day thereafter becomes shorter.

While gift giving and being with family are important, the chart of the solstice highlights the Sun’s message for us. For Melbourne, the Sun on the 9th house cusp leaving the 8th house of darkness and trauma and trine the ascendant tells a story of hope and optimism. Chart ruler Venus is in the 7th house, powerful but also emotionally charged in Scorpio and opposing Moon in Taurus. The next 3 months will uncover hidden depths in our relationships, for better or worse, helping us to come to terms with painful feelings and to do something about them. Ruler of the solstice Sun, Saturn, is in the 8th house so matters of life and death will surface. It’s at this time that many will choose to pass over, taking the opportunity to connect and move on through this energy. In combination, this season is a mixed bag of happiness and sorrow. At the same time, Saturn and Neptune will be square from November 2015 to September 2016. Depression, lack of energy and confusion is key to this pairing and there will be many people in need of emotional and spiritual support.

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  1. Sue Jarrett says:

    I reckon that you’ve nailed it, Nikki.
    Looking forward to your next blog!