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November 2013

November2013November is a busy month, and possibly overwhelming…

It starts off with a Solar Eclipse at 12° Scorpio on 3rd November, which is sextile to Mars and Pluto and trine Chiron. Click here for my post on this eclipse.

Then on 7th November Jupiter goes retrograde at 21° Cancer. It will move back to 11° then about face on 5th March 2014 and return to 21° Cancer on 2nd June. That’s 4 months retrograde and 6 months in total. Which house in your chart is ruled by Cancer and do you have anything cardinal 11° – 21°? The house with Cancer on the cusp is where you feel sensitve, want to be a care-giver and need to feel secure. While Jupiter is retrograde in Cancer it’s time to review your beliefs about family, children, security, emotional reactions and what gives you comfort. It’s time to tap into inner truth and knowing and learn how to nurture ourselves.

Mercury stations direct on November 11th at 3° Scorpio and on 27th November it returns to 19° Scorpio, where it turned retrograde on October 21. This is the extended time scale of Mercury retrograde’s influence. If you have planets in fixed signs no doubt Mercury will have “words” with them during this time! Read more about Mercury Retrograde.

Neptune goes direct at 3 Pisces on November 14th. As a mutable water sign Pisces is flexible and sensitive. It belongs to the world of fantasy and imagination. Neptune rules psychics, magicians, the gaseous state, altered states of consciousness and dreams. While retrograde, Neptune fills us with rich imagery, which can inspire and/or delude. Our inner fantasy world expands and this can be brought to reality when Neptune goes direct. Conversely, the bubble pops and the reality of the fantasy hits us in the face creating chaos and confusion. If the inward journey over the past 5 months helped you connect with your spiritual, compassionate self then you can now express this outwardly.

Note that all events above occur in water signs – be aware that emotional sensitivity is at an all-time high this month. Be kind to yourself and offer compassion to others – you may need it reciprocated at some stage.

How are you travelling so far?

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