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Planet Shifts March 2014

So many shifts and changes are on our doorstep… (AEDT)

  • Mercury stations direct 1st March at 18°09′ Aquarius
  • New Moon 1st March at 10°39′ Pisces
  • Mars stations retrograde 2nd March at 27°31 Libra
  • Saturn stations retrograde 3rd March at 23°19′ Scorpio
  • Venus at 27°31 Capricorn squares Mars March 3rd
  • Venus enter Aquarius 6th March
  • Jupiter stations direct 6th March at 10°26′ Cancer

Since December 2013 we’ve had Venus retrograde, then Mercury took the baton in February and went retrograde and now Mars and Saturn turn retrograde in March. We’ve reviewed our relationships, reflected on our connections and now we’re assessing where we’re going and what we’re truly committed to. At this time Mercury square Saturn has fixed ideas and resists change but now is the time to discuss what’s important. Mars in Libra wants to negotiate a happy medium but Mars is stationary so the brakes are on. Simultaneously Venus squares Mars amplifying this effect. When Venus enters Aquarius there’s an urge to detach making connection difficult. Thankfully Jupiter will come in to elevate the mood and offer an inclusive ethic to smooth over any tension. Jupiter in Cancer relies on an inner and personal philosophy to steer its course, and it’s been reflecting on this inner wisdom since early November. Now it’s time to implement it, to use it to your advantage. So while Mars and Saturn are retrograde take the time to reflect on what’s been happening since late November 2013, what you’ve done, how you conducted yourself and where your limits were tested. Mars turns direct in May and Saturn turns in July – plenty of time for effective soul searching.

The New Moon in Pisces is cocooned by Chiron and Neptune. We set intention for the month ahead at the new moon, which culminates at the full moon 2 weeks later. The theme is letting go, releasing emotional pain to allow healing, merging with the astral realm, becoming one with spirit. It can feel chaotic so take some time to meditate, pray and observe your dreams – this will help you make sense of this time and where you’re at.

What are you feeling right now?

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