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Saturn Stations Direct

Saturn Stations Direct

Since 15th June, Saturn has revisited Scorpio, and from 2nd August Saturn will slowly move forward to eventually re-enter Sagittarius on 18th September. Almost immediately as Saturn stations, all the inner planets, from the Sun to Jupiter, line up to confront Saturn.

First aspect is a square from Jupiter on 3rd August — an increase in cut-backs and changes in behaviour — followed by a square from Venus — relationship stand-off — as Mars trines Saturn — acting in a controlled manner and at a moderate pace — and the next day Mercury forms a square — talk to the hand.

When the Moon opposes Saturn, relationship issues will come to a head buoyed by the previous squares from Jupiter and Venus. Self-absorption and chronic insensitivity will cause misunderstandings that may result in clashes and separations. Try to remain cool, calm and collected without being cold, blunt and brash. Surprisingly, resolution will emerge when the Sun completes the line-up and squares Saturn later in the month. The Sun highlights duty to self vs. responsibilities to others. No doubt something or someone is imposing barriers and restrictions on you.

This is the ideal time to ask yourself “Am I in the right place and doing exactly what I should be doing, or am I bound by obligations that no longer serve me?”

In truth, no one is holding you back: you are holding yourself back and projecting this onto someone or something else. The difficulties you encounter will expose the flaws and weaknesses in your self-perception. Embrace them by making a commitment to improve and, as a result, you can gain greater confidence in yourself.

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