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Transiting Moon in the Houses

Transiting Moon in the Houses

When the Moon is in the seventh house . . .
. . . it’s a good time to be with loved ones, to show you care, and to feel their support.

The position of the Moon at our birth is a very important point in our natal chart but the transiting Moon’s effects are relatively short because it moves so quickly. If it connects with a natal planet the effects last for a few hours. However, its effects last for a couple of days as it moves through each natal house*. So what is the effect of the Moon as it moves through each house?

When the Moon transits each house in the natal chart we find ourselves being more subjective, emotionally sensitive, moody, changeable, unpredictable and reactionary in that area of life. Lunar themes include dealing with unconscious behaviour patterns, and with women and children.

FIRST HOUSE: you are particulary sensitive to the moods and feelings of those around you now. Try to aim for an equal balance of give and take, from you and from others.
SECOND HOUSE: shopping can be a trap right now. You feel the need to spend when it may not be really practical, useful or affordable. Be content to appreciate what you already have in your life.
THIRD HOUSE: siblings could come to the rescue or be very demanding today. Communications seem highly emotive and you may misunderstand what someone is trying to tell you.
FOURTH HOUSE: spend some time at home, in your ‘cave’ or in a private space. It is likely you will seek refuge from the outside world. Use this time to look within and reflefct on habits you may wish to change.
FIFTH HOUSE: while the Moon is in this house you may feel particulary amourous, caring and playful and want to coddle someone, especially a lover or child. Beware of being overprotective.
SIXTH HOUSE: personal hygiene and daily rituals should be the focus now. Beware a tendency to be a martyr, overly critical and focussed on minor and unimportant details.
SEVENTH HOUSE: spend time with loved ones, show them you care and seek their encouragement and support. Sometimes interactions are unpreditcable, especially with senistive types.
EIGHTH HOUSE: all subjects usually taboo or hiden appeal so you may be iclined to hide in a cupboard reading a book filled with spells or similar esoterica. Joint finances may also be a concern.
NINTH HOUSE: the Moon is particularly restless in this house. You may decide to book a holiday, contact a friend overseas or take up a course of study. Try bike riding or learning a language.
TENTH HOUSE: professional and business concerns are in focus and perhaps your private life is on public display. This can be a good or bad experience depending on how you react.
ELEVENTH HOUSE: spending time with friends and groups brings comfort and congenality. Much needed emotional support comes from women friends. You may be overly possessive of a particular friend.
TWELFTH HOUSE: dreams reveal emotional undercurrents and help you understnad some of your more habitual responses. Spiritual dsicipline will offer form and structure during this time.

To find out where the Moon is you need an ephemeris, a moon calendar or astrological software. Then you can track your moods as it moves through each house – it’s fascinating.

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*The only exception to this is when a new Moon, full Moon or eclipse falls on a natal planet, where the effect can last for 4 weeks, and up to 3 months for an eclipse.

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