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Will Trump Be President?

Will Trump Be President?

There’s so much talk lately, no less than from Donald Trump himself, about the possibility of him becoming the next President of the US.

Most people, especially those of us not in the US, are watching the side show with both amusement and disbelief. “Only in America” can be heard over and over. He has insulted nearly everyone, is completely politically incorrect, has foot-in-mouth, contradicts himself and doesn’t shy away from criticism or ridicule. Trump seems unassailable and is winning the confidence of many US voters precisely because he isn’t PC, is a straight-talker, and a business man, not a politician. The swell of interest is prompting people to ask the question “could Trump win the 2016 US election and, if so, will Trump be President?

Curiosity got the better of me, so I asked the question and drew up a Horary chart.

Will Trump Be President?

So, assuming he wins the Republican nomination, will Donald Trump be the next US President? What does the chart have to say?

Trump (Republican) is Lord 4 = Mercury in Aquarius in 9th house
Democrats are Lord 10 = Jupiter in Virgo Rx on IC
[NOTE: Even if we choose 1st versus 7th (ie. Trump vs Other) it’s still Mercury/Jupiter]

  • Although +1.angular, Jupiter is -1.retrograde, -2.peregrine, detriment and Mercury’s house
  • Mercury is a cadent house but has +1.Face and therefore some dignity, so Mercury is stronger than Jupiter, who is in a bad way
  • And the Moon (the electorate) is in an applying trine to Mercury, so Trump is the favoured candidate

Mercury (Trump) wins!

The election isn’t until November 2016 so there’s a way to go yet, but if the Horary is correct, what does this mean for the US? Can a businessman like Trump run a country, especially a country as big as the US? How will the leaders of other countries react to this? Will he tone down and behave himself? There are so many questions. In my opinion, it’s a bizarre situation, and if he does win the nomination the world will be watching. This has got to be the ultimate ‘reality TV show’. Will Trump be booted out or win the show?

What are your thoughts, feelings, comments on this? I am interested to hear them.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Interesting, but scary, if he wins the nomination. But what about the actual Presidency? What does Hillary’s horary chart reveal?

    • Nikki says:

      Yes scary, but it is the Year of the Monkey and mischief is afoot. A Horary chart is drawn up for a specific question. I have not asked a question about her … yet!